Wednesday, July 31, 2013

PJM Implements the Advanced Control Center

Most won't believe me, but this is terrific. 
From "Terry Boston ... president and CEO of PJM Interconnection.... He oversees the largest power grid in North America and the largest electricity market in the world."

PJM Implements the Advanced Control Center | Smart Grid content from Transmission and Distribution World
In terms of information technology, AC2 was envisioned to move PJM’s systems and capabilities to new levels of security and resiliency instead of opting simply for marginal improvements to the legacy technology systems. It has accomplished that. The cutting-edge approach adopted in AC2 enables the RTO to incorporate new technology developments quickly, scale to accommodate growth, enhance reliability and protect against sophisticated security threats.
Schematic from source article
The AC2 program was a breakthrough in creating a shared architecture for a new generation of energy management systems (EMS) and market management systems. Significantly, it marks the first industry implementation that employs a shared architecture platform and places standard interface definitions supporting system integration into the public domain, allowing grid operators and member electric utilities to integrate software systems that support reliability.

The service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables business systems and their applications to share information easily and securely. Different applications and devices can be plugged into the control system and communicate with each other through standardized communication protocols and procedures. This industry-transforming approach invites continued refinement and innovation in grid monitoring and control systems while maintaining security. It also invites innovation from technology providers beyond those vendors that traditionally supply the electric industry.
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