Saturday, July 13, 2013

Miscommunication is Everything: Bomb-Grade Logic

by Jeremy Whitlock

Miscommunication is Everything (Published on the Canadian Nuclear FAQ):
CAMBRIDGE BAY, NUNAVUT, June 2045: Anti-diesel groups are decrying a plan by the federal government to ship over two million litres of the bomb-grade liquid petroleum product to the U.S. for safe conversion and recycling.
The material has been in storage under high-security at this remote northern Canadian community for most of the last two decades, following the start-up of a suite of "micro" nuclear reactors that now provide the municipality's heating and electricity needs.
Diesel once saw widespread use in the Canadian arctic, particularly in regions without ready access to natural gas, and wherever natural gas price volatility made it increasingly less practical.
The advent of nuclear energy has now limited the use of diesel to transportation, leaving millions of litres of the fuel under close scrutiny in storage tanks.
The problem, according to groups like the Canadian Coalition for Fossil Responsibility (CCFR), is that diesel oil can be directly used in weapons of mass destruction and other forms of terrorist bombs.
Moreover, it is used in over 80% of mining and construction explosives in North America, which, according to the CCFR, means that the knowledge of how to manufacture an explosive with it is widespread.
"These so-called ANFO, or fertilizer bombs, have been the weapon of choice for terrorists and insurgents around the world since the 1970's," says the literature on the CCFR website.
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