Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BMW launches first EV offering as Electric Vehicles overtake Plug-In Hybrids

Interesting stories for at least a couple of reasons:

  • moribund EV sales have been noted, but usually not along with notation that the hydrid was around many years before sales suddenly took off
  • Germany didn't put it's policies into subsidizing purchases of EV's, but rather into research and development.  The government there recently reaffirmed targets for 2020 despite what people saw as a slow start.  

John Hanger's Facts of The Day: Surprise Fact: Battery Only Electric Vehicles Outsell Plug-In Hybrids:

Image from source article
In 2011 and 2012, the plug-in hybrids dominated electric vehicle sales, but no more. In the first 6 months, of 2013, as total electric vehicle sales surged, battery only electric vehicles pulled a surprise and led the way. [source]

... Once all-electric vehicles extend range and decrease cost, the plug-in hybrid will sharply lose market share.
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To put an exclamation point on John Hanger's claim

BMW Launches First Pure Electric Car i3 | German Energy Blog

Image from BMW site
Yesterday BMW officially launched its first pure electric car, the four seater i3, in London, New York and Beijing.

As of November the BMW i3 shall be sold in Germany, costing EUR 34,950 as a pure electric car, and EUR 39,950 with a range extender that extends the range from 160 km to approximately 300 km.

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