Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Letters to the Editor ...

I stumbled upon  pulishaletter.com through a google search.  While the content of this letter interests me, it is the site that struck me as good idea for anybody who has invested the time to write editors.  Opinions are frequently rejected due to the editorial direction of the publication, so it' nice to have a vehicle to show what publications reject communicating.

Letters to the Editor sent to LONDON FREE PRESS (ONTARIO) - Green energy act by Dave Griffiths:
"Dear Editor:
To All Ontario Politicians supporting the Green Energy (farce) Act
The whole world is experiencing this debauched wind turbine, green energy fiasco.
• we in rural Ontario are not NIMBY’S
• we do have common sense whether you believe it or not
• we know how to read and learn from the experiences of other countries around the globe"

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