Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BPA orders NW wind farms to curtail production

The battle is between the wind industry and public hydroelectric supply, and waterway management, is joined once more in the US Pacific northwest.

BPA orders NW wind farms to curtail production - BusinessWeek:
"The Bonneville Power Administration twice ordered Pacific Northwest wind farms to cut production in recent days because it has a surplus of power from hydroelectric dams.
The agency, which manages much of the power grid in the Northwest, confirmed it issued the orders during the early morning hours of Sunday and Monday, when demand is low.
The action rekindles a dispute from last year, when the agency curtailed wind turbines because the water from a large mountain snowpack left the region with more hydropower than the electrical grid could handle.
Michael Milstein, a BPA spokesman, said spring runoff has picked up in the past month or two. "Originally it wasn't looking like that wet of a year, but that has changed," he said."
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