Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gas rebranded as green energy by EU

The Guardian has a couple of articles on the movement to natural gas today, upon the release of the International Energy Agency's "Golden Rules for the Golden Age of Gas" document .
How Green is Gas? is a running commentary - the other article notes EU policy moves occurring due to the promise of abundant gas.

Gas rebranded as green energy by EU | Environment | guardian.co.uk:
"Energy from gas power stations has been rebranded as a green, low-carbon source of power by a €80bn European Union programme, in a triumph of the deep-pocketed fossil fuel industry lobby over renewable forms of power.
In a secret document seen by the Guardian, a large slice of billions of euros of funds that are supposed to be devoted to research and development into renewables such as solar and wave power are likely to be diverted instead to subsidising the development of the well-established fossil fuel.
The news comes as a report from the respected International Energy Agency predicted a "golden age for gas" with global production of "unconventional" sources of gas (notably shale gas extracted by hydraulic fracturing or 'fracking') tripling by 2035."
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