Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cliffs picks Sudbury - The Sudbury Star - Ontario, CA

Cliffs picks Sudbury - The Sudbury Star - Ontario, CA:
"Greater Sudbury has been formally selected as the site of Cliffs Natural Resources' prized $1.8-billion ferrochrome smelter, The Sudbury Star has learned.
Announcements that Cliffs has upgraded its massive Ring of Fire project to the feasibility study stage, reached a number of key agreements with the Ontario government and chose Sudbury as the smelter site will be made simultaneously in Sudbury, Thunder Bay and at the company's head office in Cleveland this morning."

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  1. So where was Energy Minister Chris Bentley announcing that solar panels and wind turbines would be supplying the 300 MW?

    "The arc furnaces at the heart of the ferrochrome smelter will be heated electrically. Current estimates of the furnace requirements are approximately 300 megawatts, roughly the amount of electricity used to supply a city of 300,000 people." which co-incidentley is almost twice the population of Sudbury.

    Sure would be nice to know what kind of a deal the Province is giving Cliffs on their electricity pricing--just a guess but I would surmise that they are probably rated as triple A (AAA) under the IESO managed Class system as we have seen the major consumers (AMPCO) shrink from about 170 to about 140/145 over the past few years caused by you pick---higher prices/world economic fallout!

  2. Parker, I was assuming the negligible amount the people of Ontario were spending on the Lower Mattagami project would serve to create the necessary 330MW (including 30MW far to the north, where I assume we wouldn't be dirty enough not to run lines to displace diesel generators).
    Sure $2.6 billion could, arguably, not be referred to as negligible ... but it's not like we had any need for the output anyway.