Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New energy rules blunt public scrutiny, critics charge - thestar.com

Perhaps McGuinty's alliance of 'green' groups is jumping ship to the 'the most anti-nuclear' of them all.
There is a statement about character in these groups showing concern about the same anti-democratic, fiscally irresponsible, methods of the Liberals that they had been cheering as it spread useless wind turbines across unwelcoming rural areas of the province.

New energy rules blunt public scrutiny, critics charge - thestar.com:
"Greenpeace said the new rules allow government too much leeway to act without scrutiny.
“Public review of major projects and the government’s long-term plans will save consumers money,” Greenpeace said in a critique of the legislation. “Bill 75, however, removes this basic protection.”
Mark Winfield of York University’s faculty of environmental studies also said the new legislation is worrying.
“It suggests that we will operate by short term political fiat,” he said, rather
than establishing a planning framework and maintaining a process of independent review for major plans.
Peter Tabuns, energy critic for the New Democrats, said the moves are a “substantial narrowing” of public input.
“I would say the public will find its ability to intervene and protect itself from ministerial whim will be substantially reduced,” he said."

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  1. And exactly where was Tabuns when the GEA was before the Ontario Legislature-why cheering it on. As the former ED of Greenpeace what you expect him to do! No complaints then about the rights of Ontarians being taken away. He is the atypical green socialist who thinks we can all drive around in electric cars with wind turbines providing the power. Just don't make him do it.