Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ontario electricity Pricing Levels Near Highest US Rates

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) released it's latest monthly figures, which are for March.
For all sectors, prices declined slightly from March 2011 (to 9.59 cents/kWh from 9.64), while average residential rates rose slightly to an average of 11.76 cents/kWh.  Prices in 3 of the 4 most expensive states declined.
Ontario does not report the average retail price, as prices very widely.  The EIA data is total bill divided by consumption (metered) ... so ratepayers in Ontario could check their standing by taking their total bill, and dividing by metered usage (with the loss factor adjustment).
For my bill, the March rate is 15.5 cents/kWh, but that includes a 10% discount for the OCEB that comes out of general revenues.  If we take into account somebody is paying for that, the rate is 17.2 cents/kWh

The highest rates in the 48 contiguous states is 17.2 cents/kWh (March 2011 in brackets):
Connecticut       17.18 (17.95)
Vermont            16.90 (16.04)
New York         16.75 (17.63)
New Hampshire 16.35 (16.44)
New Jersey        15.88 (16.36)
Massachusetts    15.83 (14.69)
California           14.90 (14.76)

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