Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Germany's Merkel throws weight behind $24bn grids overhaul

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Germany's Merkel throws weight behind $24bn grids overhaul - Politics - Renewable energy news - Recharge - wind, solar, biomass, wave/tidal/hydro and geothermal:
"Amid signs that Germany’s transition away from nuclear energy toward renewables is stalling, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany’s four transmission system operators (TSOs) have unveiled a €20bn ($24bn) plan to overhaul the country’s grids."
The plan, which is still at a very early stage, envisages a massive update of the country’s existing grids and the construction of 4,400km of new lines by 2022, particularly in the north.
Germany needs to “catch up on a backlog [of grid connections]”, Merkel acknowledged at a press conference at the Federal Network Agency’s headquarters in Bonn. She was flanked by her new environment minister Peter Altmaier and the heads of Germany’s four TSOs – TenneT, Amprion, 50Hertz and TransnetBW (known as EnBW Transportnetze until March).
Future meetings between the TSOs and government will specify where the new lines will be built, how they will overcome local obstructionism, and how they will be financed.

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