Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scanner improves odds in fight against cancer, other diseases

At one of my other blogging homes, Wind Concerns Ontario, we've been following the infiltration of the Registered Nurses of Ontario by the non-medical entities.
Escalating electricity expenses for homeowners were disguised for Ontario's 2011 fall election by a $1+ billion a year Ontario Clean Energy Benefit.
I wonder how the RNAO would justify borrowing $1 billion a year to cover the costs of, in part, forcing wind turbines on unwelcoming communities, instead of improving health care with the type of equipment nuclear medicine requires.

Scanner improves odds in fight against cancer, other diseases:
"WINDSOR, Ont. -- Annie Bison had her death sentence — a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis — proved incorrect by a PET scan, so she was the perfect cheerleader as Windsor’s first PET/CT unit was unveiled Friday.
“I believe the PET scan saved my life and changed my life, and it can help many, many other people,” Bison said at an event packed with local doctors and health care advocates at Precision Diagnostic Imaging, a private clinic started by nuclear medicine specialist Dr. Kevin Tracey.
Tracey, the chief of diagnostic imaging at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital, has been working for years to bring positron emission tomography, “the future of diagnostic imaging,” to Windsor. He used to send patients to Toronto, Hamilton, London and Detroit, where they often paid thousands.
Rather than spending years trying to convince cash-strapped local hospitals to approve a PET unit, he brought a $3-million unit to his 2462 Howard Ave. centre.
“This is my community, I’ve lived here now as long as I’ve lived in my native Newfoundland, so this is home,” Tracey said"
Read the entire article at The Windsor Star

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