Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Abu Dhabi nuclear bid speeds up

Kepco is the other major partner in the Korean Consortium Ontario stupidly contracted to develop 2000MW of wind and 500MW of solar capacity  in Ontario.  While the development was then subbed out to San Francisco (Pattern Energy), Kepco will handle the wiring.

Abu Dhabi nuclear bid speeds up | PROS:
"SEOUL // The South Korean consortium building Abu Dhabi's nuclear plant has shortened its construction schedule by four months - to January 2017 - and expects to pour the first concrete in July.
Its progress in delivering the Arab world's first reactors is being closely watched as Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco), the company leading the US$20.4 billion (Dh74.9bn) contract for the emirate's four reactors, pursues more work in countries including India and Finland.

Efforts to bring equipment and people in ahead of time to Baraka, the preferred reactor site 300km west of the capital, have helped to speed up the construction timetable, said Jun-Yeon Byun, the chief nuclear officer at Kepco.
The timing ultimately hinges on approval from the UAE regulator.
"After we were awarded the UAE project, the presence of Korea as a nuclear powerhouse and Kepco's reputation and brand has gone up significantly," Mr Byun said at Kepco's headquarters in Seoul.
"Before we won the UAE project, I had travelled around to several countries at least 30 times a year. But after the awarding, that's gone down by at least half - because they're visiting us.""
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