Friday, April 27, 2012

David Cameron says wind energy must get cheaper - Telegraph

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That'll boost rates.

David Cameron says wind energy must get cheaper - Telegraph:
"Households are currently paying record high fuel bills due to fossil fuel prices and ‘green taxes’.
Every energy company is obliged to generate a certain amount of electricity from ‘green’ sources like wind and the extra cost of this is passed onto consumers.
The so-called ‘Renewable obligation’ already adds around £20 to the average energy bill every year and this is expected to go up to more than £50 by 2020.
Mr Cameron said the ‘green taxes’ should come down.
“As costs fall so it is right that consumers should pay less in subsidies for new projects,” he said."
“We don’t just need greener energy – we need cheaper energy too.”
Full article is at the Telegraph   

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