Thursday, April 26, 2012

AP 1000 On Short List in CANDU country

This story, from Ontario, is only surprising in that it makes sense.  
The AP 1000 are approved in the adjacent jurisdiction (the USA), and that's probably useful.
CANDU's are on some short lists too - in Turkey and Jordan.  In another year, should they win some contracts, Ontario may have the option of choosing CANDU's or seeing AECL move jobs out of province.

Ontario zeroes in on two nuclear reactor designs -
"Ontario is in talks with two nuclear suppliers about submitting detailed plans for proposed new reactors at the Darlington nuclear station.
But provincial sources say it will be more than a year before a decision is made on which design to choose – if any.
The two designs in the running are:
 • The Enhanced Candu 6 reactor made by Candu Energy Inc., a unit of SNC-Lavalin, which bought the assets of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. last year.
 • The AP 1000 reactor made by Westinghouse.
The entire article can be read at the Toronto Star site 

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