Friday, April 27, 2012

BMU Creates Renewable Energy Platform « German Energy Blog

I thought YOU had the plan!

BMU Creates Renewable Energy Platform « German Energy Blog:
"With Germany slowly realising that implementing last year’s energy policy shift away from nuclear power towards a renewable energy supply is a huge task, Federal Minister for the Environment announced the creation of a new national working group for renewable energy, the “Renewable Energy Platform”. The announcement came just days after the new steering committee “Energy Policy Shift”"

Green jobs being created
Three sub-working groups were set up, which shall focus on the three main goals of the Renewable Energy Platform:
  1. Market and system integration of renewable energies
  1. Interplay of expansion of renewables and grid expansion; this working group shall closely cooperate with the BMWi working group “Future Proof Network Platform
  1. Interplay of renewable energies with conventional energy and demand

So far the energy turnaround has produced the following working groups on the national level: steering committee “Energy Policy Shift”, Future Proof Network Platform,Power Plant Forum, National Electromobility Initative and the new Renewable Energy Platform.
The full article is at the German Energy Blog

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