Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Repsol down - European mid-caps out

European Energy Review has an interesting article on Argentina's nationalization of YPF - opining that countries will require the development of their energy assets, and the large investments needed may disqualify company's lacking the requisite financial resources from participating.
Use it or lose it.

Repsol down - European mid-caps out:
"The nationalisation of Spanish oil producer Repsol's Argentinian assets cannot be seen in isolation. It points to a much wider problem for mid-sized European energy producers: they are being squeezed out of the market on one side by independent wild-catters and on the other by increasingly powerful emerging market governments that prefer to deal with Big Oil companies. To get out of this bind, the Repsols of this world may have to band together - or seek Asian assistance. What they cannot afford to do is stand still, argues energy analyst Matthew Hulbert."
Read the entire article at the European Energy Review site

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