Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Phantoms I’ve Killed | Do the Math

The Do The Math blog I noted I recently discovered in reading an interview with the author.
We've reduced electricity use in our century home by 2/3rds - so I thought I was conscious about consumption.
After reading this, my kids might have to put up with dad going through another energy audit phase.

The Phantoms I’ve Killed:
"Two weeks ago, I described my factor-of-five reduction of natural gas usage at home, mostly stemming from a decision not to heat our San Diego house. We have made similar cuts to our use of utility electricity, using one-tenth the amount that comparable San Diego homes typically consume. In this post, I will reveal how we pulled this off…with plots. Some changes are simple; some require behavioral changes; some might be viewed as outright trickery."
Read the full post at Do The Math

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