Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vander Doelen: Utility sell-off bad idea

A writer at the Windsor Star is even more cynical about Dwight Duncan than I am.
Duncan must be his MPP

Vander Doelen: Utility sell-off bad idea:
"Who is pushing for privatization? Some people in the NDP believe it's financial market players who hope to make huge fees off the sales.
Industry sources I talked to Wednesday had another theory: Duncan is being pushed to sell off the utilities by the public sector's hugely wealthy pension plans.

OMERS and the various teachers' pension plans have billions upon billions of dollars to invest, and not enough safe places to put it, with worldwide stock and bond markets tanking.
Why wouldn't a Liberal government dependent upon the support of public sector workers for its electoral success want to sell off the utilities to their friends for private profit?"
The move would also absolve the Liberals of responsibility for all the future increases in electricity prices coming our way for the next few years as the bills come due for their misguided and hugely expensive "green" energy schemes.
I can't see any good for consumers coming from such a privatization. So I hope cabinet ties those knots around Duncan's ankles as tight as they can.

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