Friday, April 13, 2012

Nick Clegg speech on the green economy

The Guardian has a few things up on the "Green Deal" proposal recently submitted by the other leader in the governing coalition, Nick Clegg.  I've chosen one from the longish, platitude-ridden speech where it was introduced.
The approach reminds me on the last left-wing leader we had around here - Jack Layton.
Here's how this program would work in Ontario.  The local distribution company (LDC) would spend the money to update the home, then book that full value as an asset, and the regulator would allow them to earn a 10% return on the inflated equity.
I don't think Mr. Clegg's speech actually addresses how people save money while utilities stay profitable - but it's the start of a good idea...

Nick Clegg speech on the green economy | Environment |
"The Government's Green Deal, which we'll begin rolling out in the autumn will offer businesses and homeowners energy saving home improvements but at no upfront cost. Customers will have energy saving measures installed in their homes by trusted suppliers from high street brands to local traders.
They will only begin paying for those improvements once they're complete. Payment will be made through their bills, over a period of time. And they shouldn't be out of pocket because their homes will be more energy efficient, allowing them to save on their energy bills each month. We'll ensure customers are never charged more for the home improvements than we expect them to make back in cheaper bills. Plus the charge is attached to the property, rather than the person, so if you move, you stop paying."
The entire article, and others related to the Green Deal, can be read at the Guardian site.
and if you act right now ...
you can argue for or against at the Guardian, with a 'verdict' to come later in the day

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