Monday, April 2, 2012

Details of the controversial German Renewable Energy Act released

Details of the controversial German Renewable Energy Act released | PV-Tech:
"As per the modifications to the German Renewable Energy Act last week, effective April 1st, 2012, new feed-in tariff payments for rooftop PV plants smaller than 10 kW will be EUR 0.195/kWh (USD 0.261/kWh). The rates for rooftop PV up to 1 MW will be EUR 0.165/kWh (USD 0.221/kWh) and rates for ground-mounted and rooftop PV of 1-10 MW in size will be EUR 0.135/kWh (USD 0.180/kWh). "
This legislation, borne from a compromise between the ruling Christian Democratic Party and the Liberal Party, ends FiT eligibility for PV plants over 10 MW a grace period has been set up for developers to complete large PV plants. The government has also stated that only 80% of the electricity produced by rooftop PV plants below 10kW will qualify for FiT payments and only 90% of the electricity produced by plants 10kW to 1MW.
Ontarians reading this and learning of the much lower German feed-in tariff rates for the first time may be annoyed at the enormous discrepancy - especially as Germany is held up as a role model in Ontario.  
The article shows the example trick works the other way too:
... called for a "local content" clause that would require that a certain percentage of participating PV systems be produced in Germany, similar to the policy in the Canadian province of Ontario.

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