Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fundraising: Mann's Hockey Shtick

Merchandise to pay Micheal Mann's legal bills.
$25 for a shirt, $75 for 3 ...

Project: Help Cover Mike Mann's Legal Bills | RocketHub:
"For the last two years the Attorney General of Virginia has been demanding Dr. Michael Mann’s email correspondence from his time as a professor at UVA. The Attorney General has repeatedly been shut down by the courts, most recently by the Virginia Supreme Court. The Washington Post called the Attorney General’s actions “a costly episode of government overreach” and a “witch hunt”. More recently, a similar attack on Mann has been orchestrated by a fossil fuel front group called American Tradition Institute. Dr. Mann has incurred legal expenses from both of these vexatious inquiries. Academic salaries were not designed to support ongoing litigation."
$300 gets you a hockey stick signed by Mike Mann.
Is that for the whole stick, or just the shaft?

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